2016 Grateful 21

I’ve been dreading turning 50. Not because I see it as the onset of old age but because of the math. There is far more of my life behind me that there is ahead of me and I worry that I mightn’t get to do everything I want to do before my allotted time on this Earth is up.

Time is going a lot quicker these days. It’s accelerating. Weeks and months are morphing into years at a rapid rate. And while the outside me is showing signs of aging (can you believe that my toes have wrinkles!), the inside me is still stuck on 37.

My neighbour told me recently that I didn’t dress 50. I took that as a compliment and recalled shopping for shoes with my mum not long ago. I was putting her in sensible black heels, much to her disgust. She went for some vertiginous silver ones instead. I learned something that day.

Now that I’m on the home stretch, instead of accumulating more stuff, I’m getting rid. Paring back. I’m far more interested in experiences that in accoutrements.

me car (800x450) (2)On Saturday, the birthday, after a late lunch/early dinner, the lovely BZs had organised for a vintage car to come pick us up and take us on a tour of the city. Sitting in the back seat of this Ford Model A, Bramwith Limousine Elite, I felt a little like royalty. I couldn’t make eye contact with the hordes of tourists taking photos of us. I was afraid I’d succumb to giving the royal wave. Seeing the city from that vantage point was lovely – I saw stuff I’d never noticed before. I even found myself vaguely considering whether I’d have a driver, if I ever had that sort of money. It’s a life I could get used to.

Later that evening, I was serenaded in front of friends who had gathered to help celebrate the big day. Some I hadn’t seen in years. As I blew out my candles on my wonderful RM birthday cake, I had only one wish: that my blessed life would continue to be so blessed.

While the flowers will fade, the booze will be drunk, and the chocolates will see a quick end, the next few months will see me at art exhibitions, classical concerts, and early breakfasts. I’ll also get to enjoy massages, being pampered, and go completely gaga with the mad money. Massive thanks to everyone. But really, it’s the memory of it all that I will cherish. Being 50 is something that should be celebrated. If yours is approaching and you’re in doubt about what to do… go for it. Make it an occasion. Celebrate. Celebrate what’s already gone and what’s yet to come. Celebrate the friendship and the love. Party like you’re still a young one. Life is way too short to have regrets. It was a long but lovely evening – I got to bed about 7.30am. And yes, even at 50, if it needs swinging, I can still get it swung.


12 responses to “2016 Grateful 21

  1. It’s called the Doppler theory of aging: If a person is 1 year old, the following year is 50% of that person’s life. If another person is 50 years old, the following year would be approximately only 2% of that person’s life. The 2% moves along quite a bit faster than the 50%. I hope this explains our apprehensions concerning time flying.

    On another note, do not dread birthdays. The number of birthdays one has is a accurate predictor of how long that person will live. Many happy birthdays and long life to you.

  2. Only 50, far to go much to do, and even more to see. keep at it, 37 is about as old as you’ll ever get.

  3. Grace Kelly eat your heart out!……….looking very good girl!!

  4. Happy Birthday! You now can say “I’m a young chick in my fifties” for the next ten years. I, on the other hand, only can say that for one more year. I need to start thinking up a new tag line!

  5. BTW… if you discount the first 20 years as childhood, growing up… out of a total of 85, that’s 65 useful years, and you are starting number 31/65. Still more than half the fun to go.

  6. All the best and indeed – may the blessed life continue that way!! You surely did it right – 7:30am… I’ll have to train for that!! 🙂

  7. You ARE royalty, dear Mary. My personal Queen of ‘let me live vicariously through your travels’!!! Love and here’s to another 50.

  8. Sounds like you did it right! Much happiness, health and love!

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