Use Your Words

A blog from my friend Peggy – be sure to click through to the TV speech she mentions – some powerful stuff.

Peg on pause

word-power-806x440I love words, the images and the imagination they invoke, the endless possibilities to make new meaning. Poetry, stories that move us, speeches made of heartfelt words;  these are my passions. Words are how we come closest to articulating what we know and what we believe. They conjure inspiration. Words allow us to connect with one another, bridge our differences.

Yet, right now in this country, we are in the midst of a civil war of words. Words like sleazy and shady and abusive are being spewed in political ads. Words are being used as weapons to divide us. Labels for groups such as liberal, conservative, progressive are associated with evil, depending on who is using the word. Even the word sanctuary, defined in the dictionary as a place of refuge or safety is seen as a bad word, suspect of harboring criminals.

How did we get here? According to

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